Domain Name and Registry Transfer (Hosting Services)


What is happening?
  • We have made the decision to close our business domain name registration and hosting services. This includes domain name registration, domain name hosting (DNS), email hosting and web hosting products.

Domain registration services

  • We have closed our business domain registration services on 31 August 2023, (other than in relation to sub-domains under Internode's domain (, which will continue until 31 October 2023).
  • We have made arrangements with VentraIP, an Australian digital service provider who can offer you a migration path for your Internode's domain registration and hosting services. However, if you have a sub-domain under Internode's domain (, you will not be able to transfer this to VentraIP or any other provider and will need to arrange for a new domain name.
  • Please note that unless you have already transferred your domain name to a new domain registrar prior to 31 August 2023, your domain name licence has already been automatically transferred to to VentraIP on 31 August 2023. Refer to the section below on Domain Registration Services for further information

Hosting services (i.e domain name, web and email hosting)

  • We will be closing our hosting services on 31 October 2023. These services will no longer work after this date and any data stored in these hosting services will no longer be accessible.
  • You will be able to opt-in to receive a migration of your hosting service, and we have sent you an email outlining the opt-in process and important dates. Refer to the section below on Hosting Services for further information.
Which primary wholesale domain registrar does Internode use for registering domain names?
  • TPP Wholesale serves as the primary wholesale domain registrar used by Internode for the registration of domain names on behalf of our valued customers.
What are Hosting Services?
  • Hosting services are online services that allow individuals and businesses to make their websites, emails, and domain names accessible on the Internet. Hosting services include hosting of website files (web hosting), managed personalised email accounts (email hosting), and unique DNS records (DNS hosting).
What is the difference between Domain Registration and Hosting Services?
  • Domain registration is the process of acquiring and owning a licence to a unique domain name, while hosting services (web, email, and DNS hosting) provide the infrastructure and storage necessary to make your website and email services accessible on the internet using the registered domain name. Together, these services allow individuals and businesses to establish and maintain an online presence.
Why is Internode closing Domain Registration and Hosting Service?
  • This decision aims to better serve our valued customer base in the future. Our vision at TPG is to establish ourselves as Australia's leading telecom provider and to do so, we firmly believe that concentrating on our fundamental products and embracing technological progress is crucial. Following a review of our product offerings, a decision was made to exit our domain registration and hosting services.
What should I do now?
  • At TPG, we understand the importance of supporting you during this process, and as a valued customer, we are here to provide you with various options. We want you to know that the choice is entirely yours.
  • To minimise the impact of these changes on you, we have made arrangements with VentraIP, a reputable Australian digital service provider of domain registration and hosting services, which may assist with the transition of your service and ongoing support. For further instructions, please refer to the details below.
How do I know what services I have?
  • In the email we have recently sent to you, we have laid out the services based on whether you have a Domain Name registered or Hosting Services with Internode. For some customers, you may have both and/or multiples of each (e.g., if you hold multiple domain names).
I never received an email, what should I do?

Hosting Services: Opt-In Migration to VentraIP

A. Opt-in process

What is the Opt-in Migration?
  • We recognise it can be a complex process to move your hosting services to another provider, so we have made arrangements with VentraIP which may assist with this transition.
  • By opting-in to a migration to VentraIP, you will be redirected to sign-up with VentraIP. Upon signing up with VentraIP, we will transfer your existing Internode hosting services data to your VentraIP service at a later date that we will arrange in consultation with VentraIP prior to 31 October. As your new provider of hosting services, VentraIP will bill you directly for your new plan.
What happens when I opt-in?
  • When you opt-in, you are giving consent for us to share your account and service details with VentraIP, along with access to your data for the purpose of migrating your services and if applicable, to assist in the transfer of your domain name licence to VentraIP or its affiliate as your new registrar.
When can I opt in?
  • We have now extended the opt-in period until 5.00 PM 31October 2023.
Can I opt-in after this time?
  • No. Extensions will not be available.
What are the benefits of opting-in?
  • By opting-in VentraIP will assist you with the migration process by transferring your Internode hosting service data to a VentraIP hosting service. If you do not opt-in, you will need to arrange for your hosting service data to be transferred to another hosting provider of your choice.
I have multiple domain names. What does this mean for me?
  • If your account has multiple domain names, you will receive one email for each domain name you hold with us. You’ll have the opportunity to opt-in to receive migration services from VentraIP, but please note that once you click the “opt-in” button for any of your domain names, the opt-in process will apply to all domains on your account, and you will not be required to click the “opt-in” button for each other domain name.
Will my Internode email/spam protection or Email/SMTP relay services be migrated?
  • Please note, VentraIP does not currently offer stand-alone email/spam protection or stand-alone mail relay services. If you are currently using Internode email/spam protection or Email/SMTP relay services, these services will terminate on 31 October 2023.
Will a transfer of DNS hosting take place?
  • Absolutely, if your domain registration includes DNS hosting with us, VentraIP will handle the migration of your DNS records for you.
Will the entire website be transferred as well?
  • As above, VentraIP will oversee the migration of your website content.
What steps are required for our customers to migrate their DNS records and website?
  • If you want to transition your services to VentraIP, simply click on the opt-in link, and VentraIP will reach out to you directly.
  • Alternatively, if you intend to move your services to another provider, you must do so before October 31st, 2023, otherwise, these services will cease to function.
  • If your DNS is not hosted with us, you may need to action some DNS updates. VentraIP should be able to assist you with this.
I have secondary DNS hosting. What will happen?
  • If you are using Internode as your Secondary DNS Hosting, where DNS servers act as the backup for your domain, this service will no longer be active after October 31st, 2023. To prevent any disruptions, make sure to update and change your nameservers before this date. Please note: if your domain is currently registered with Internode and you have not already transferred it elsewhere, you will need to contact VentraIP if you wish to update your nameservers from 31st August 2023 onwards.

B. If you do not opt-in

What if I don’t opt-in?
  • If you do not opt-in, you will need to initiate a migration to any hosting provider of your choice.
  • If you do not migrate your hosting services to a new hosting provider, your hosting services will stop working after 31st October 2023.
How do I migrate to another provider?
  • Once you have selected a new hosting service provider and made sure they are suitable for your needs, you will need to sign up to a hosting plan that includes the hosting services you need (such as email, web or domain hosting).
  • Once you have activated your new hosting plan, you can download your website data from Internode servers using tools such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP). You may also wish to transfer your domain name to the new provider so that all your hosting services are in one place. Please speak to your new provider about this option
Email Forwarding Services
  • If your current email address includes an email forwarding functionality, please be aware that such email forwarding functionality will cease on 31 October 2023. Please ensure that you set up this functionality with your new provider if you require this as part of your business operations.
    However, please be aware that other parts of the TPG Telecom group of companies are undertaking various service closures. If you are impacted by these other service closures, you will receive a separate notification specifically about this. You can also read more about these other service closures here: Internode Email Messaging Company
  • As part of moving your service to another provider, you may need to convert your email alias/forwarder service to a full mailbox service. Please speak with your new provider about these options.
I have Email protection services and/or Email/SMTP relay services – what happens to these?
  • You should discuss the email hosting capabilities supported by your alternative hosting providers to confirm whether Email/Spam protection services and Email/SMTP relay services are available prior to choosing a new hosting provider.
  • Internode's Email/Spam protection services and Email/SMTP relay services will be closed along with all other hosting serviceson 31 October 2023.

Domain Registration Services: Update for TPP Wholesale Domains

What options do I have for Domain Name Registration & Renewals?

We have made the decision to ensure that TPP Wholesale remain your domain name registrar, and therefore your domain name(s) will not automatically move to VentraIP or its affiliate on 31st August 2023.

You should have received an email on the 1st September advising you of the following:

  • From 31 October 2023, Internode will cease supplying the above domain registration service(s), however the Registrar that holds your domain name, being Domain Directors Pty Ltd operating as TPP Wholesale (TPP Wholesale) will continue to hold your domain name unless and until such time as you transfer management of your domain name to another provider of your choosing.
  • On or around 31 October 2023, TPP Wholesale will contact you directly regarding the ongoing management of your domain by them.
  • You may transfer the management of your domain name to a provider of your choosing at any time. If you wish to do this after 31 October 2023, you can contact TPP Wholesale to make the appropriate arrangements at:
  • you are still registered with TPP Wholesale at the time of your domain registration renewal, TPP Wholesale will contact you to process your renewal. If you do not process your renewal, your domain name registration will be terminated at that time.
What do I need to do?
  • You must ensure that the domain registrant contact email address is correct & updated by 31st October, 2023. This is required so that TPP Wholesale is able to contact you for the purposes of renewing your domain registration(s).
  • Please contact us via email at
What if I opted-in to migrate my website, email or domain hosting service to VentraIP?
  • The migration of your hosting service will continue to occur as advised in our initial correspondence to you. Please note that Ventra IP also offer domain registration services.
I have an Internode sub-domain. What does this mean for me?
  • If you are using an Internode sub-domain (e.g., you will not be able to transfer the sub-domain to VentraIP or any other provider. You must arrange to create a new domain name with a provider of your choice on or prior to 31 October 2023. On 31 October 2023, your Internode sub-domain will be cancelled and will cease working.
What if the email address on my domain name is incorrect?
  • you believe your registrant contact details are incorrect, please contact our support team at to update your contact details. Please note: when you initiate contact with our support team, you will need to authenticate yourself as the owner of the domain name, and you may need to provide us ID documentation to prove ownership.
I registered my domain through another provider but use it with Internode Hosting services. Am I affected?
  • In this case, there is no impact to your domain name that you have registered with another provider – it will not be transferred to VentraIP. However, your hosting services will be affected and require your attention – please refer to the 'Hosting Services' section above.
How do I transfer my domain name to another provider?
  • You will need to provide your chosen provider with the Domain Name Password, sometimes known as the transfer key or EPP key. If your domain name is an ".au" domain, you can retrieve your domain password from

    When you request your Domain Name Password, it will be sent by email to the Registrant Contact details associated with the domain name. The password recovery page above will indicate which email address this is.


Hosting services

Are you still billing me for my hosting services?
  • We will cease billing all hosting services from 31 August 2023 and your hosting service will be cancelled on 31 October 2023.
  • Services will still remain on your monthly bill; however, they will be charged at $0.00.
What happens if I have pre-paid my hosting services annually in advance?

Domain registration services

What happens if I have pre-paid for my domain name registration spanning several years?
  • Your domain name expiry date is not affected by the closure of our domain registration and hosting services. When you transfer your domain name to another provider (which may include VentraIP), any remaining registration period moves to the new provider along with the domain name.

Cancelling Services

Do I need to cancel my hosting services with Internode?
  • No. We will cease billing all hosting services from 31 August 2023, and all services will be automatically cancelled after 31 October 2023.
What happens if I don't take any action?

Hosting services

  • If you did not opt-in to VentraIP's migration of your hosting service by 31 August 2023, or move your hosting service to another provider, your hosting services will stop working on 31 October 2023. From this date, you will be unable to access your hosting service to download your hosting service data. Refer to the Hosting Services section above.

Domain registration services

  • If you hold a domain name registration with Internode your domain name will be transferred to VentraIP unless you opt-out by moving to another provider of your choice. Refer to the Domain Registration Services section above.