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Copyright concerns the exclusive rights of creators of original works. Examples of material that are often subject to copyright include: movies, television shows, CDs, MP3s, books, articles, software, and games. These exclusive rights include protection of their works from unauthorised distribution or use.

Online copyright infringement may take place when a person uses the internet to communicate or make available a copyright work without permission. For example, by sharing a movie using file sharing programs such as BitTorrent.

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Copyright laws are complicated and often confusing. For fact sheets and legislation about copyright, see the Department of Communications and the Arts website.

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Internode's position on online copyright infringement

Internode has an obligation to follow the laws of copyright and takes its responsibilities seriously. Internode also views the infringement of intellectual property rights (including copyright infringement) as a serious matter.

Internode's Acceptable Use Policy provides that account holders must not use Internode's network or services for any unlawful purposes, which includes copyright infringement. The Acceptable Use Policy forms part of Internode's agreement with all its customers and is available here:

If an account holder uses Internode's network or systems to infringe copyright, this may constitute a breach of Internode's Acceptable Use Policy, which may allow Internode to suspend or terminate an account holder's service.

Repeat Infringer Policy

Internode has an obligation to follow the laws of copyright and takes its responsibilities seriously.

We believe in treating people fairly and we certainly don't monitor your activities. That's why we take action in the circumstances set out in our Repeat Infringer Policy (PDF).

One way copyright holders collect evidence is through online investigative bodies like DtecNet, who detect IP addresses of people uploading illegal content. A diagram of this process is outlined below.


Copyright infringement detection process example

Internode does not provide personal details or information relating to its customers to copyright holders, unless these rights holders obtain a court order, which requires us to do so.

Securing Your Connection

If you are using a wireless internet connection that is not secured, it is possible that your connection could have been accessed without your knowledge. You should ensure that your wireless router is secured using both encryption and password protection:

Legitimate Content

Internode supports a range of content services such as Fetch, broadband streaming radio and Netflix.

For more information see our Unmetered Content page.

Copyright Regulations - Designated Representative

Internode is required by the Copyright Regulations 1969 (Cth) (the Regulations) to have a 'Designated Representative' to receive notices and notifications issued under the Regulations. That person is the Copyright Infringement Officer.

Notifications of infringement relating to Category C and D activities of s116AH(1) of the Copyright Act must be in the form prescribed by the Regulations.

Notices of claimed infringement should be sent to:

Attention: Copyright Infringement Officer
Fax: +61 8 6263 3871
Mail: PO Box 1113, North Sydney, NSW, 2060