Customer Security

At Internode, we believe in providing the best possible Internet experience - without fear of personal or property damage. Learn how to reduce your risk online.

Unfortunately, there are those in society who prey upon unwary Internet users. They may sell false products, or convince users to part with personal or financial information.

Like crossing a busy road, the Internet is not a risk-free experience. We want to help make it as painless and safe as possible through customer education. We hope that these pages will help you manage the risks associated with Internet usage.

This is not a comprehensive guide to computer security. Our aim is to help you become more aware of Internet security issues, and keep you - and your family - safe and secure.

Security Checklist
A quick checklist for safer Internet use, including spyware/adware info, antivirus software, and more.

Parental Safety Advice
Advice and resources for parents who wish to restrict the content accessed by children online.

Botnets and Intrusions
What a Botnet is, what they do, and how to tell if you've been compromised.

A simple glossary of Internet security terms.

Network Firewall
How the free Internode Network Firewall helps protect you against spam, viruses, and other attacks.

Guides and Assistance
Basic information on setting up firewalls, antivirus, and email clients.

Online Safety & Content Filtering
Information on issues relating to online safety, such as how to protect your children from inappropriate websites.

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