Upgrade with nbn® Fibre

nbn® Fibre is being rolled out by nbn co ltd. across Australia and you may be eligible for $0 installation at your address. With the nbn® Fibre upgrade initiative, both new and existing Internode customers can benefit from faster internet speeds to ensure their home internet usage is futureproof.

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Why upgrade to nbn® Fibre?

Get faster speeds

Enjoy lightning-fast downloads, smooth streaming and uninterrupted gaming with a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection for your internet needs.

Connect more devices

You'll be able to enjoy a smooth connection on multiple devices simultaneously without any interruptions, allowing your entire family to stay connected with ease.

Futureproof your connection

Prepare your home for the growing demands of digital connectivity. Stay up-to-date by installing nbn® technology that can handle higher levels of usage.

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How to upgrade to nbn® Fibre

Check your address

Enter your address on our nbn® page and select a Fibre Upgrade plan if you’re eligible. You’ll either stay on your current Internode nbn® plan or be connected to an interim plan while nbn® completes the installation.

Get nbn® Fibre installed

We’ll coordinate with nbn® about your upgrade and will keep you updated every step of the way. We'll help you choose a time for when nbn® will visit your home.

Enjoy faster internet

Once the installation is complete, we’ll automatically switch you to your new fibre plan once the connection is up and running. We'll send you a message to let you know when it’s time to plug in your high-speed modem.

nbn® Fibre, or Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), is nbn®'s best and fastest technology. Having an FTTP connection will mean that fibre will be connected all the way to your home – it's the best nbn® option available in Australia.
The duration for the installation and activation of your nbn® Fibre by nbn co ltd. depends on your location and existing nbn® technology. nbn co ltd. estimates either 19 or 25 business days for urban addresses and 24 or 29 business days for remote/regional addresses. In the meantime, if you’re not already an nbn® customer with us, we’ll set you up with an Interim nbn® Plan so you can get connected quicker. Once your nbn® Fibre upgrade is complete, we’ll automatically switch you over.
nbn co ltf. will install new nbn® equipment inside and outside your premises to complete the upgrade. We will help arrange a time for the installation and update you via SMS.

Installation appointment (you or someone over 18 needs to be home for this appointment)

An nbn® installer install the necessary equipment and will need access to both the interior and exterior of your property. This appointment generally takes 3 to 4 hours but may take longer for more complex connections. Depending on your specific installation, there may be some noisy works or temporary service interruptions during the installation.

In some cases, you will also need an initial appointment first. This will be determined by nbn co ltd.

Pre-installation visit (if needed, no one needs to be at home for this visit)

An nbn® installer will assess the exterior of your property to identify any potential obstacles and prepare for your installation appointment. This visit typically takes between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. However, more complex connections may require additional time.
Eligible addresses where standard installation is required can upgrade for $0 installation. You will need to sign up to one of our eligible plans that require a compatible high-speed modem. In some cases, there may be additional fees when a new modem is required. nbn® co ltd. will determine if an eligible address requires a non-standard installation and if the upgrade requires additional costs associated with completing the upgrade.
You’ll need the landlord’s permission to upgrade to nbn® Fibre at their premises as it requires work to the property to set up the connection, such as drilling into walls. Contact your landlord or property manager to get written approval to proceed with the upgrade.

nbn® Fibre connections require a compatible modem router, which both connects you to the internet and distributes the connection to other devices.

We don’t have an end date, but nbn co ltd. is aiming to upgrade 10 million premises (or 90% of their Fibre to the Node customers) to ultrafast nbn® Fibre by the end of 2025.

Eligible customers in select areas only. Only available with high-speed plans. High-speed compatible modem required – additional fees may apply. T&Cs apply.